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Most important buildings

The Commandant's Last Ride examines nearly 100 of the most important historic buildings in town, many of them French Colonial homes.

Neighborhood maps

The historic district is divided into sections, with a map of each showing the important houses and streets.

Architectural details

Relying largely on the Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) done by the University of Missouri,the book gives lots of architectural information.

Information is accurate, updated

The most scholarly building dates and information are used, verified by scholars like Dr. Carl J. Ekberg, Dr. Steven Hoffman, and local historian Robert Mueller. Much of the information has changed since the 2001 edition.

Early history relived

The dying Jean Baptiste Valle, last local colonial era commandant, leads you around the growing village in 1849, reflecting on the history and changes he has lived through.

A perfect gift

A handy paperback, The Commandant's Last Ride is an ideal gift for anyone who loves history, old houses, French culture or Southeast Missouri. Copies may be personally signed at o extra charge.