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Welcome to Higgins Point


A Little about Higgins Point

Higgins Point, Missouri is a town of about 4,500 people in Missouri's old "Lead Belt," south of St. Louis. It sits atop an abandoned lead mine, which has been converted into a tourist attraction. Students now go to high school at the consolidated Inner County High School, four miles south, in Sleetzville, a slightly smaller town. Twenty years earlier both towns had their own high schools.

Now, in the fall of 1985, very little goes on in either town -- except for mysteries. 

The Higgins Point Gang

Although most teenagers in Brock County -- the county Higgins Point and Sleetzville are in, an hour south of St. Louis -- complain of having nothing exciting to do, four teens get all the excitement they want.

For three years, Matt Keane, Susi Hoppe, Lou Evers and Jamie Haganheimer have been solving crimes. The county newspaper dubbed them "The Higgins Point Gang."

Now, in the fall of 1985, Matt's little sister, Angie, a 14-year-old freshman, is ready to join the detectives as the Christian fiction series begins.

Unwelcome Detective

As the school year starts, someone is sabotaging the high school football program with potentially deadly results.  Angie is eager to help the gang investigate.

But Matt doesn’t think she’s ready and slams the door on her dreams of being a detective. “Maybe next year,” he tells her.

Angie is crushed. But she has a plan. If she can solve the mystery before the others, they’ll have to let her in the gang. Every step is filled with danger as Angie investigates, but she is relying on the Lord’s guidance, as well as her own instincts and grit in the first of the Higgins Point mystery novels, outstanding books for teenagers.  

The Series

Book 1 - Unwelcome Detective - Published August 2018

Book 2 - Underground Terror - Published February 2019

Book 3 - Buried Secrets - Available October 2019

Book 4 - The Curse of the 'Secret Six' - Available February 2020

Young Adult/Middle Grade Christian Fiction

The 'Retro' '80s Setting

The series of mystery novels was created in the early 1990s and nearly sold to a leading publisher of Christian fiction. Over the years I updated it with cell phones, them smart phones & Facebook accounts.

I finally decided to scrap that and go "retro," setting it in the fall of 1985. Reagan was president, in a small town south of St. Louis, VHS tapes were just getting popular, research was still done in a library and schools were safe places. They make great books for teenagers!