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A great time in Tennessee

Despite some mishaps in trying to find my motel & then find the Opryland Gaylord Inn, where the Association of Christian Fiction Writers' annual conference was held, I had a great time.

To get from one side of the motel to the other you had to  cross over this man-made jungle. Amazing.

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My first Goodreads review

Unwelcome Detective has received its first review on Goodreads -- a 5/5!

Trying to get the word out

We're getting some paperback & ebook sales everyday . Now if I can get the word out beyond my Facebook friends list, we'll be rolling!

My Blog

My Blog

Fellow Lead Belt author

Another YA author with Bonne Terre, MO connections, Steven M. Cross, just came out with the second book in a seirs, Home For A Knight.

Proof Copy is Here!

The proof copy of Unwelcome Detective came in Saturday's mail. I am currently going through and looking for any typos, format errors, etc.

I had almost convinced myself that I'd made a mistake going with the 4 x 6 format. I thought the book would seem too flimsy. It feels and looks just fine in my hands, though & I'll be thrilled to see it hit bookshelves. 

Now i need to format the ebook version.

It's available!

I just saw that The Unwelcome Detective is for sale on! After all these years, the Higgins Point kids have arrived.